InstructorTokunbo Carew
TypeOnline Course
DateNov 2, 2020 - Nov 4, 2020
Time2 days
Student Enrolled1
Certificate20% of quiz marks
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Reliability should be the primary outcome of maintenance practice. Acquire from experienced world-class professionals the tools for improving maintenance performance, operations and bottom line profits……….


A major challenge facing maintenance people today is not only to learn what maintenance techniques exist but to determine which ones are worthwhile to their own organizations. If we make the right choices, it’s possible to improve asset performance and at the same time reduce the cost of maintenance. If we make the wrong choices, new problems are created while existing problems only get worse. This course explores the elements of RCM, establishes failure modes and effects, evaluates the validity of different types of proactive maintenance strategies and provides insights for implementing RCM decisions.


This course uses a practical approach to building maintenance strategies. At the end of the course delegates would
• Have learnt what RBM is, its terms, concepts and language.
• Be able to explore the RBM process to define potential areas.
• Be able to assess functions and their performance standards and define failure modes and consequences.
• Have a good understanding of RBM application to condition monitoring.
• Have evaluated successful and organization-specific case studies for improved maintenance performance.
• Be able to apply condition monitoring approaches to sustain both equipment and systems reliability and ultimately their impacts on organizational performance, profits and growth.


This course is designed for business unit Managers, Engineering Managers, Operations, Technical Heads, Team Leaders, Project Managers, Maintenance Managers, logistics personnel who have responsibility for acquisition, control and utilization of equipment, infrastructure and plants and their relation to people, products and services. Generally, anyone in Industries such as Oil & Gas, Chemical/petrochemicals, Energy/Utilities, Cement, Manufacturing, Steel, Mining who have responsibility for the following can attend.
• Maintenance Management.
• Reliability Engineering.
• Asset Operations & Maintenance.
• Safety or Integrity.
• Product quality or customer service.


Principles of Maintaining an RBM System (3 days)
Plant Installation, Start-Up and Commissioning (5 Days)

Final Quiz